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If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.

How does CA Monk Mentorship work?

Join the Community

Once you are a part of CA Monk, you are one of us. We respect your efforts to grow. We will be your biggest cheerleaders.

Apply for Mentorship

Fill in an application and tell them why you’re reaching out, choose your preferred date and time.

Get 1:1 mentorship

When it’s time to show up, simply head over to your Zoom and start talking!


The old way of finding advice is broken

Blog posts and courses are useful, but at the end of the day, they can’t give you personalized advice

Social media groups are abundant with either contradicting opinions, or thirsty sales pitches

Relying on trial and error is the fast track towards making costly mistakes

Consultants and coaches are expensive and can only give you the viewpoint of only one person


What if you could tap into the experience of so many mentors?

Receive instant answers to your unique Career questions

You gain fresh insights and feedback tailored for your Goals

Get domain specific personalized guidance with setting up or using popular tools

Enjoy the peace of mind that advice is always only one Zoom call away

Find yourself a perfect mentor with CA Monk

Whatever your goal is and whatever it takes to achieve it. Our mentors are here to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

Once you log in, you can filter the mentors by numerous categories. We have an in-app scheduling system that you will use to book the session. Once that is done, you meet via Zoom as per schedule. You can book a call in under a minute.

How do I become a mentor?

Do you meet the requirements to be a mentor with CA Monk?

  • At least 2 years of demonstrable experience working in respective domains.
  • Ability to listen actively, empathize, and put themselves in their mentees shoes.
  • An attitude that says I really love what I do and I’m here to help you with your problems.
  • Ability to carry a conversation effectively over digital audio or video conferencing tool.
  • Working experience in the categories of mentorship that you wish to provide on the platform.
  • One of our core values is our determined mindset which all our mentors embody.
  • CA Monk is a platform for continuous development. You should be cool with mentoring for free until you have five reviews.
If you are interested in requesting an invite to become a mentor and meet this criterion, please fill in your details on this page.

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