Testimonials of CA Monk Students

 From Past Students

"The workshop has given me an insight into the level of preparation that needs to be done for interviews."  - Vasundhara

"The workshop helped me to improve my communication skills." - Mahima Shewkani

"It has helped me to get self-aware and become a step up." - Yogesh Khatri

"The workshop has helped me in realizing the importance of putting forth your skills, knowledge, and experience in a more structured way." - Nitish Gupta

"I came to know about the whole procedure that revolves around the interview." - Ankita

"The workshop has made me realize the extent of preparation required to crack a dream job. The most precious takeaway is the pro-tips provided which is so important but we somehow miss out on those had we been independently facing interviews." - Sakshi S Gupta

"Helped me to get to all we need to be prepared for"Arnim Dhakad

"This workshop helped me a lot in introspection and also to find out my weakness where I had to work on myself." - Ayushi Gupta

"Helped me to prepare and give a boost to interview preparation"Vinit Bansal

"It helped me to boost my confidence level. I came to know many things of which I was not aware."                    - Surbhi Agrawal

"This workshop is the best course I have come across. I became aware of many things and got to know how to proceed with the placements. Got to learn various aspects and how to prepare for the interviews. These sessions just make me introspect and make me research many things at the same time. Best platform! Would surely recommend it to all the aspirants."                          - Dimple Nagpal

"It opened my eyes to improve myself on an earlier basis. It led me to think in a broad & new perspective towards placement. It is improving my overall personality on a regular basis. It's an amazing initiative taken by the founders."                                          - Meghana Thakarar

"It helped me gain insights about things that are crucial for job preparation and remain one step ahead."                                                - Indrajeet Singh Rathore

"It has widened my thought process in all ways I could reach my dream company."
- Sandhya B

"The workshop has helped me to understand the interview process in detail and has also provided a platform to practice and prepare myself for one of the most dreaded processes of group discussion. Moreover, since the process has become online, this workshop has helped me to know and practice attending online sessions through Zoom and prepare myself beforehand for any interruptions that may occur during an online interview (eg. internet connection problem or device issues)."               - Jaykishan Agarwal

"Knowing my weaknesses and broadening my perspective." - Rohan Sharma

"Your workshop is very helpful for students who are aspiring to get their dream job. It is the right path that everyone should take before the results only. The practice sessions were very helpful to build our confidence. Overall, it was a great great experience." - Maanav Joshi

"It helped me with better preparation for interviews" 
- Dipansha Agarwal

"It made me aware of what things I need to do to land my dream job, it forced me to come out of my comfort zone and think beyond, and it also helped me to gain confidence."
- Yaksha Bora

"It provided me with a platform to learn new things and helped me to be proactive in my career."
- Rohit Kumar Sharma

"My efforts were unstructured earlier, but now I know where and how to improve."
- Sakshi

"A significant change in Mindset, sincerity towards Interview preparation"

- Devashish Bharti

"It helped me in developing the thought process for Group Discussion and Interviews very well in advance so that I can have time to prepare in the best possible manner to fetch my dream job."
- Majuli