ICAI Campus Placement Programme

Sat Jun 5, 2021

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After one has qualified CA-Final, ICAI provides an opportunity for young professional aspirants through the ‘ICAI Campus Placement Programme’ to explore the possibility of taking up positions in the industry. Thus, it is an opportunity for job seekers and employing organizations for mutual benefits.

ICAI Campus Placement program does not give a cent-percent guarantee of being selected by the company. However, it is a chance to evaluate skills and see where one stands amongst peers. There is fierce competition to grab the best job there, and even if one does not land up having a job in the end, it will be learning and boost-up confidence for further job search.

Having a good articleship experience adds to your probability of being shortlisted by the company. Mentioning the articleship experience and the major companies and industry assignments handled will act as facilitators for selecting the candidate. Also, briefing about achievements in academics, any additional learning, online certification courses, volunteering activities, projects, and extra-curricular activities will help catch potential companies’ eyes.

The candidate can apply for all the companies, and the companies that shortlist them for Interviews are communicated over the candidates’ login. The shortlisting status is made available to the candidates by various companies, The candidates are free to choose the maximum of four companies of their choice and consent to attend those interviews on the specified date(s). One needs to make a wise choice according to the preferred industry among the shortlisted and other preferences (expected annual salary, area of work, and preferred city/ region) to get a dream job. One should try to attend an interview with all the companies for which they had consented.

Also, there is a difficult choice when selecting the center for the campus placement program because not all companies visit all the placement centers. One must make a proper analysis of the past trends as per the preferences and other factors to make a rational decision.

It is not a smart move to wholly depend upon the ICAI Campus Placement Programme for getting the job. One must even take steps to get a job Off-Campus from various alternatives available. Therefore, if one wants to work in a particular company and does not get shortlisted, GURU MANTRA is to apply through the company’s career portal and ask a friend/senior, if any, working in that industry to refer to your resume. One must never let go of any opportunity to try going for WALK-IN interviews if given a chance to get selected. Thus, it is right to say, ‘Don’t wait for the right opportunity rather create it.’

The only goal you can’t accomplish is the one that you don’t go after! So, one should chase his dream job and leave no stone unturned to get the one.

In recent times, ICAI has also started the Campus Placement Programme for CA Inter/IPCC/PE-II and Overseas Campus Placement Programme