Be An AIR Holder

Sat Jun 5, 2021

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Everybody dreams of getting an AIR, but few make an effort to accomplish it. The journey of becoming a Ranker starts soon after the results of the Intermediate Level. Determined from the beginning and focused enough to fulfill the dream, an individual needs to put in some extra effort and many sacrifices, whether it be with hobbies or friends as there is no shortcut to success. One needs to give those five-six months to his/her dream of having the prefix “CA” before the name. A piece of valuable advice would be that ‘one should not focus on results but only on their efforts.’

One might wonder whether getting an AIR is all that one person should look up to? So, the simple answer is ‘NO,’ because getting an AIR is just a primary key to opening the door to success. Amid the chaos happening in the current scenario, students face problems regarding managing studies, environment, and fearful situations. Instead of wasting energy on this, one should stay focused on managing their thoughts and behaviors, therefore not worrying about the things they cannot control. Thus, there should be a healthy balance between hard work and smart work for achieving this goal.

One should always be excellent with the basic concepts, as these are the stepping stones to understanding any topic. Each subject carries equal weightage; therefore, equal importance and priority to each subject is a must. One thing that sets apart Ranker from others is the study plan for a day before the exam. Appropriate time management plus undivided focus and dedication can lead one to secure rank and achieve that undisputed title for a lifetime.

Ranker’s mindset is not that hard to predict or sense, one can craft the ideologies and techniques they use to secure a rank in exams. Dreaming and achieving rank is one fantastic job one can do. However, while chasing the dream for rank, one should not mention it to others as pressure affects the process while achieving it.

Individuals who have achieved rank get puzzled with ‘everybody’s expectation to achieve something significant in their life’ or ‘make a career in a field they are interested in right from articleship.’ Thus, a valuable suggestion is that one should have a long-term perspective to chase new goals every day without holding to this one achievement. Technical skills, articleship exposure, and communication skills are prerequisites for grabbing the opportunities that come along the way. ‘ONCE YOU FOLLOW YOUR PASSION, MONEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY FOLLOW YOU.’

Technical skills, articleship exposure, and communication skills are prerequisites for grabbing the opportunities that come along the way. Apart from the above, he/she must possess knowledge of the recent industry changes, be adaptable to the newest technology in the market, and be creative when it comes to applying knowledge and experience to the title, handling projects with full responsibility and due diligence.

Advice from a ranker to the freshers and students can be none other than following interests and passion so that when it comes to leading life with the objectives and dreams, one does it with dedication and happiness. Trying to make smarter decisions backing it up with solid base management can do wonders. Thus, Rankers are average people but with above-average willpower.