Is the lack of Advanced Excel knowledge holding you back from your Dream Job?

The Excel Zero to Hero Masterclass is a LIVE Hands-on journey that will teach you how to analyze complex data easily & without spending hours of your time. Invest just 6 hours with me, and experience the transformation.

Zero to Hero in Microsoft Excel: Complete Excel Guide 2021

From IIT, IIM Grads Who Trained 12,00,000+ students

  Master All the Essential Formulas.

Master all the essential excel formulas such as HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, COUNTIF, INDEX, MATCH, and many more.

  Learn Advanced Excel from a Microsoft Certified Expert.

Learn from IIT, IIM Grads, who have already trained more than 12,00,000+ students worldwide.

  Download Practice files take Quizzes and complete Assignments

Each section contains a practice assignment for you to implement your learning practically.

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Practice on Real Life Datasets

"My only regret is that I didn't attend the Masterclass sooner. Hands-on practice & data analysis on real case studies was the best. I would definitely recommend everyone to save a lot of time in excel by learning from you." - Abhishek Verma

What will you learn in this Masterclass?

Formatting Data and Tables

  • Work on huge data sets resembling
    real-life scenarios
  • Slice & dice your data to come up
    with hidden insights & observations.

Advanced Excel

  • Understand the drag & drop field list layout for smooth pivot creation
  • Use field list to create dynamic views of your data within SECONDS!

Dynamic Pivot Charts

  • Leverage Excel's Dynamic Charts to present your data beautifully
  • Integrate your chart with the source data for automated data updates.

Analytics in Excel

  • Find Top & Bottom Performers using Excel's inbuilt Sort & Filter Tools
  • Club your data together by creating hierarchies & groups

Mathematical Functions

  • Leverage Excel's Dynamic Charts to present your data beautifully
  • Integrate your chart with source data for automated data updates.

Excel Shortcuts

  • Work on huge data sets resembling real-life scenarios
  • Slice & dice your data to come up with hidden insights & observations

Unlock Bonuses Worth Rupees 10,000

10+ Excercise Files for you to implement your learning practically.

Worth rs 3,500

Index Creation VBA tool to automatically create Indexes

Worth rs 2,000

Essential Excel Shortcuts Handbook to save hours of your time

Worth rs 3,500

Practical Case Studies on Real-Time Datasets for Data Analysis practice

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Become a Certified Pivot Tables Expert

Yes! You will be certified by a  Microsoft Certified Trainer & which brings a lot of credibility to your certificate & your resume.

After Completing The Course You Will Be Able To

 Implement Excel LOOKUP Formulas like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Index, and Match.

 Use conditional and logical formulas like IF, SUMIF, COUNTIF, OR, etc.

 Know what add-ons are and how to install them.

 Create advanced charts like Waterfall charts and overlay charts.

 Solve analytics problems using excel solver.

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Working as a Project manager in an Analytics consulting firm, Pukhraj has multiple years of experience working on analytics tools and software. He is competent in MS office suites, Cloud computing, SQL, Tableau, SAS, Google analytics, and Python. Abhishek worked as an Acquisition Process owner in a leading telecom company before moving on to learning and teaching technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Over 12,00,000 students have enrolled in our courses.

We are also the founder of Start-Tech Academy. In collaboration with CA Monk, we are delighted to bring this MS Excel course that covers topics from basic to advanced levels. If you are curious to master excel from Beginner to Advanced in a short span of time, this course will be of tremendous value to you.

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