Career Accelerator Program

Practice with experts to nail your Interview

Accelerate your career journey with feedback from Mentors with years of experience.


What is Career Accelerator Program (CAP)?

CAP is a program where you will be guided to master your interview preparation before landing your dream job. It covers everything in its entirety which is needed to crack an interview in a specific domain.

But, the question is, “How you will gain an edge by joining CAP?”

So, here is the answer to all your queries and doubts.

How does Career Accelerator Program work?

Sign up and learn essentials

Sign up for the domain that you want to enter into. Learn the essentials that you must know to enter into that role.

Resume Essentials and Review

There's no second chance to make a first impression. And in the case of job search, your resume is often the first impression and that is the only chance you are afforded to make an impression on a prospective employer.

To make sure you don’t miss the chance to impress them, we will assist you in preparing and getting your resume reviewed by the Industry Experts and ensure your resume makes, not breaks, your job application!

After all, it's not yourself you are attempting to persuade with your resume, it's someone else. So it makes sense to have a fresh set of eyes to look over and evaluate your resume.

Practice with Experts

3 industry experts will take your mock interview over the span of 8-10 days depending on the candidate's preference. Each interview will last ~30 mins, where the expert will share their assessment of your strengths and areas of improvement. 

Get a personalized plan on how you should spend time over the next few days to prepare to secure a job in that domain.

Our Industry Experts Are From

Industry experts are professionals who are in their professional journey with years of experience. In this journey of empowering you, we have more than 200+ Mentors on this ride.

Our Career Accelerator Program Experts

Vaibhav Todi

Assistant Manager, Business Finance

Pritesh Pradeep Nikam

GL Team Accounting At Snowflake

Pardeep Kumar

Finance/ Tax Manager International taxation

Raghav Chandak

Strategic Finance at epiFi

Nikhil Gupta

Founder and Owner - Aug Consumer products LLP

MV Pranav

Assistant Manager at EY | Financial Accounting and Advisory Services

Kirti Bang

Manager - Finance | Upgrad (ex-Udaan)

Sreejesh Sudhakaran Pillai

Manager at TrustPlutus Family Office and Investment Advisory

Why you should enrol

Overcome Interview Anxiety

Practice real interview questions & get detailed feedback on your gaps

No-load on your pocket

For the initial launch, we are offering this at a very discounted price for the deserving candidates.

Boost your chance of success

Avoid the same mistakes by addressing the gaps identified by experts

Frequently Asked Questions

If we quantify placement preparation on a scale of 0 to 10, it can be divided into two parts. The first is general preparation which includes, preparation on commonly asked questions, resume building, improving communications. This will take your preparation level from 0 to 6. But in your journey from 6 to 9/10, you need to do role-specific and company specific preparation. Career Accelerator Program helps you in your journey from 6 to 9/10. Can I select the interviewers? As of now No. We will match you with the 3 best mentors suitable for your profile and preparation. Although you can choose a feasible time for your mock interviews.

Yes. We do support last minute rush interviews.

Once you sign up for the Career Accelerator Program, you will get a curriculum of what you must know about the domain and interview preparation. Post that, 3 mock interviews will be taken by Industry Experts. Each interview will be ~30 mins. You will receive detailed feedback for each of your interviews along with a clear actionable plan to avoid repeating the same mistakes in your real interview.