Our Team

Keshav Agarwal is a CA Aspirant chasing his Father's unaccomplished dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant. He dreams of pursuing a career in Finance and Indirect Taxation. He has broad work experience in Direct Taxation & Accounts. He lives in a space to leave achievements with a mark and head towards creating a box where all the life purposes fit best. With a notion of kindness, he believes that matching opinions between people may have a low probability, but surely a high connection.
Keshav Agarwal
Pratima Garg, a CA Aspirant, is a firm believer in Steve Jobs's theory of asking what one wants. She has experience in GST and Tax audits and is interested in the equities and startup world, and her every action is a step towards satisfying her intellectual curiosity. Always open to new ideas and discussions with like-minded people; she dreams of being an entrepreneur in the future.
Shakshant is a Graduate in Commerce and CA Aspirant who is very passionate about his Work and Fitness and a person with a positive outlook towards life. He has experience in Internal, Concurrent, Forensic Audit, Content Auditing, and the Teaching field. He has an ever-learning attitude with leadership qualities. He is a writer in the making, and Entrepreneurship is where his heart lies.
Shakshant Singhal
Shubham Bhardwaj is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) & an aspiring Chartered Accountant. He is having a keen interest in Forensic Audits and Investigations and wishes to pursue his career in the same. He is committed to his work and believes in achieving perfection in any task he does. He is a self-driven person who does not wait for the opportunities to knock his door but rather slams the door open and grabs the opportunities waiting behind them.
Vanshika Agrawal is a Graduate in Commerce and an aspiring Chartered Accountant. She believes in spreading happiness to people around her. She defines herself as an enthusiastic soul who is always ready to take up new challenges that come her way. She has extensive work experience in GST and Statutory Audits during her Articleship. She dreams of being a CA by Profession and an Influencer by Passion.
Vanshika Agrawal
Vishal Khubchandani is a Post-graduate in Commerce and a CA Aspirant having experience in Taxation, Bank Audits, and Army Audits. He considers himself a ‘forever student’ eager to learn new things and always interested in challenges. He is fond of writing quotes and fictional stories and loves playing badminton and cricket. He believes that the path to success is more straightforward if you feed your focus and have the potential to dream.
Vishal Khubchandani
Vaishnavi Saraf is a Graduate in Commerce and CA Aspirant. She has experience in taxation & auditing. Her area of interest is in Indirect Taxes & Finance. She believes in building a good rapport with her clients & colleagues. She is always open to new experiments and tasks other than her core area of work. Other than academics, she is also a part of Rotaract Club, Pune, and an artist. She aims to become a CA by profession and a social cause worker.
Vaishnavi Ravi Saraf
Aishwarya Kulshreshtha is a CA Aspirant who has a realistic approach towards the work she takes up and continually strives for improvement. She has a strong affinity for research work and social causes and has work experience of Auditing (Bank Audit and Internal Audit) and knowledge about Risk Management. She believes hard work and dedication to be the most valuable qualities for success.
Aishwarya Kulshreshtha
Pratik Mundra, a CA Aspirant, is a hardworking professional & adaptable to any challenges. He possesses vast knowledge in Internal auditing, Finance, Statutory audits, Finalization of accounts & Risk management. His excellent communication skills & command over the auditing skills at a professional level led him to lead an internal audit team at MNC's. He is an avid reader & animal lover. He is keen to go into forensic audit & start-up in the future. He believes that hard work, proper planning & commitment towards work are only mantras through which one can attain greater heights.
Pratik Mundra
A self-explorer and passionate learner, Harshdeep Singh, is a CA Aspirant. He has been an Industrial Trainee at an MNC and has in-depth experience in Concurrent Audit, Internal Audit, and Income tax compliances. He is well-versed in research work and paper writing. With his deep interest in the subject of Risk Management, along with his constant thirst for knowledge and the will to assist the CA fraternity - he has been an excellent asset to our team.
Piyush Goyal is a CA Aspirant and adaptable professional who possesses a vast knowledge of Finance. He also has enrolled-in and completed more than 50 certifications. These certifications are from organizations like Google, Corporate Finance Institute, My Gov, Udemy, etc. He is also very skilled at data manipulation and research work. His knowledge comprises beyond the field of CA and Commerce. He is also a social media expert with organic targeting as one of his niche. Using his skills he managed to generate more than 80k followers on his Facebook page in a span of 5 months.
Piyush Goyal
He is a writer, poet, and improviser doing stage from last two and a half year. He has gained rich experience in communication and interpersonal skills. He wants to experience things then to believe in it. He loves to read books and people. He has read around 500+ books about mythology, novel, poetry and some of non fictional too. Fun fact is that once he starts any book, he completes it in one sitting. The hobby that he could never ever give up is talking to people, to know their stories, to know their idea of life and yes, that puts him in the basket of extroverts.
Ankit Sanghavi
He is an enthusiast, who is confident and solution oriented. He enjoys working in a team and loves to take the responsibility of leading when provided with the opportunity. With strong networking and communication skills, he aspires to achieve big in life. He believes in enjoying the journey and the process more than the success and its final outcome.
Harsh Pankaj Roliya
Pursuing Chartered Accountancy by profession and dedicated towards exploring and learning new and innovative ideas. She wants to enhance her career towards a business which is multifunctional, ans should not only make good amount of profits but also help the society at large for its development. Along with the academics, she is very much interested in travelling, trekking, making customised gifts, planning events,etc. she is looking for a way forward to find a platform to use all my skills for the betterment of the organisation as well as myself.
Vaishnavi Dinesh Karia
He has worked with top-notched MNC's during his articleship period (Focal Energy Group of Companies and Taboola India Pvt Ltd) as FINANCE INTERN for a period of 12 months each. Moreover, he has worked as FP&A in Vishal Mega Mart Pvt Ltd. His work experience majorly consists of Financial Planning, Auditing, Accounting, Preparing financials, Budgeting, CFS, International Taxation, etc. He aspires to become a Travel Blogger or EDM.
Shivam Chandok
Ankit Agarwal is a CA Aspirant having experience in Taxation, Bank Audits, PSU Audits, Statutory Audits, Tax Audits and Income Tax and GST Compliances. He has a keen interest in Finance and Stock market and has been investing in stock market for past few years and plans to start his own Consultancy services. He has a positive and never give up attitude. He is also a Quick learner and target oriented person. He believes anything can be achieved with proper planning, discipline and hardwork.
Ankit Agarwal
She wants a sense of satisfaction and happiness at the end of day, yet a desire to learn and achieve more and become most successful but not at cost of others happiness and to have prosperous life with rationalism and objectivity in all her efforts.
Ankita Srivastava
He is a C.A Finalist who craves to stay out of comfort zone and hankers to face new, different and bigger challenges one after another in life.
Vipul Chaturvedi
He is a passionately curious guy who loves to explore life's different perspectives. He's currently improving his financial analytical skills, a graduate also enrolled under the CFA course alongside a Chartered Accountant. His passion for finance and technology drives him to be the best for coming future. He also has
an appetite for new business ideas and dreams of building
his own empire through smart work and dedication.
Saransh Kaushik
She is graduate in commerce and a CA Aspirant. She has worked in the field of Statutory Auditing and Indirect Taxation during her articleship. She is a hardworking and dedicated individual who believes on lifelong commitment to continuous learning and look forward to actively seek new knowledge and gain fresh perspectives. She would love to work in the field of Audit & Taxation.
Radhika Bhandari
He is a CA final student who is enthusiastic and eager to learn new things. During his articleship he has worked in direct tax, indirect tax, bank audit, income tax and GST audits. he loves to play cricket, fooball and loves cycling. He also has a keen interest in stock markets. In free time he likes to watch movies, tv series and podcasts of any language which are known to him. He also takes part with his father in his business.
Prem Mishra
He is a commerce graduate, CA aspirant, who has keen interest in finance and economics. He has experience in the field of GST and taxation. He loves playing cricket and football. Along with that he is a great movie buff and believe that excellence is the key to success.
Manmath Patil
She is a CA Final student. During her articleship she has worked in Accounting and Auditing along with finalisation of accounts and audit support to big fours. She is currently looking for opportunities which keeps her out of her comfort zone. Apart from these professional activities she loves to paint, dance and sing. She wishes to travel the world along with fulfilling her bucket list of things to learn and achieve.
Vidhika Sanghavi
CA aspirant, passionate, strongly believes in karma, always a learner and focuses more on process rather than results.
Adarsh Loharuka
She is a CA aspirant currently completing her articleship. As CA students we have a lot of academic books to read that our interest in reading anything apart from academics is lost. But, she loves to read novels, articles, short stories and more so as to keep her creative side alive. She feel it's very important to have a hobby and eventually turn it into your profession. She started working as a freelance content writer because she thinks her scribbled notes, journals, diaries that she has filled need an audience now.
Kinjal Dutta