Be an AIR Holder!

Everybody dreams of getting an AIR, but few make an effort to accomplish it. The journey of becoming a Ranker starts soon after the results of the Intermediate Level. Determined from the beginning and focused enough to fulfil the dream, an individual needs to put in some extra effort and many sacrifices, whether it be with hobbies or friends as there is no shortcut to success. One needs to give those five-six months to his/her dream of having a prefix “CA” before the name. A piece of valuable advice would be that ‘one should not focus on results but only on their efforts.’


One might wonder whether getting an AIR is all that one person should look up to? So, the simple answer is ‘NO,’ because getting an AIR is just a primary key to opening the door of success. Amid the chaos happening in the current scenario, students face problems regarding managing studies, environment, and fearful situations. Instead of wasting the energy on this, one should stay focused on managing their thoughts and behaviours, therefore not worrying about the things they cannot control. Thus, there should be a healthy balance between hard work and smart work for achieving this goal.


One should always be excellent with the basic concepts, as these are the stepping stones to understand any topic. Each subject carries equal weightage; therefore, equal importance and priority to each subject is a must. One thing that sets apart Ranker from others is the study-plan for a day before the exam.  Appropriate time management plus undivided focus and dedication can lead one to secure rank and achieve that undisputed title for a lifetime. 


Ranker’s mindset is not that hard to predict or sense, one can craft the ideologies and techniques they use to secure a rank in exams. Dreaming and achieving rank is one fantastic job one can do. However, while chasing the dream for rank, one should not mention it to others as pressure affects the process while achieving it. 


Individuals who have achieved rank get puzzled with ‘everybody’s expectation to achieve something significant in their life’ or ‘make a career in a field they are interested in right from articleship.’ Thus, a valuable suggestion is that one should have a long-term perspective to chase new goals every day without holding to this one achievement. Technical skills, articleship exposure, and communication skills are prerequisites for grabbing the opportunities that come along the way. ‘ONCE YOU FOLLOW YOUR PASSION, MONEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY FOLLOW YOU.’ 


Technical skills, articleship exposure, and communication skills are prerequisites for grabbing the opportunities that come along the way. Apart from the above, he/she must possess knowledge of the recent industry changes, be adaptable to the newest technology in the market, and be creative when it comes to applying knowledge and experience to the title, handling projects with full responsibility and due diligence.


Advice from a ranker to the freshers and students can be none other than following interests and passion so that when it comes to lead the life with the objectives and dreams, one does it with dedication and happiness. Trying to make smarter decisions backing it up with solid base management can do wonders. Thus, Rankers are average people but with above-average willpower. 

Life of a CA as an Auditor

Writing is liberation; writing is expressing; writing helps you breathe better. Words coming out of your brain and forming sentences in a piece of paper enable you to forget the greatest of your demons wandering in your mind inside and relieves you of all that pain and the burden.

The habit of reading is everywhere propagated and encouraged but the why is present at some places only. It helps as a Mood booster, clearing the confusion, making decisions, and knowing about uninformed topics.

When wanting to get a better perspective or while making a decision, we often look onto our seniors or parents. During this whole process, one must always keep one thing in mind that whatever they may be suggesting, they will discuss what, according to them, is right, but you have to follow the tracks of whom you want to follow or like whom you want your personality to build like. You always have to surround yourself with people who help you, directly or indirectly, in becoming what you want to be and not against it. Rightly said- ‘You are the average of 5 people you surround yourself with.’

While writing a book, one should not shy upon pouring the words coming right from your heart. It is a formula that NEVER FAILS. Also, just letting it out, be it frustration, anger, confusion, pain, heartbreak, dilemmas, regrets, etc., it will not make you feel lighter but also will touch upon the hearts of the readers because ‘We are all connected by a single thread.’ By sharing, we get stronger and better. Further, Create Content Everywhere like YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn. That is how you will build your popularity and generate an audience for your content, which will generally become the customer base of your book.  Write about what you like and not what people are looking for.

Focus strategy– Intermittent fasting or extended breaks from “INTERNET” is the first step to start something new. It keeps away the distractions, helps you think creatively and helps you perform in your best version. Finding your comfort zone is essential. Do not blindly follow others’ advice but find your own in which you are most comfortable and able to bring out the maximum output, one can be an Early Bird, or someone else can be a Night Owl. There is no competition in them, and no one is better or worse than the other.

While writing the book, give yourself time-bounded targets/deadlines to complete a specific chunk of pages to keep you motivated and keep you on the line. While choosing words, always go for Easier words, and more people will be able to grasp your meanings, and also, they will have to make minimal efforts to get the definite sense out of it as the same you wish to convey.

While leaving your work domain and entering into a completely different field, the transition might come with a few speed breakers, which may slow down your speed but should, in no case, stop you from going towards the destination. People around you will always have something or the other to say, and it is your duty towards yourself to numb all those noises and trust yourself. You are the only person going to be with you since your birth and till the last day of yours. Other ones are going to change, fortunately, or unfortunately. Our parents may have their reservations because of their own life experiences Still, if you are passionate about your career and show it in your actions, sooner or later, they shall understand your viewpoint.

Firstly, find your IKIGAI, do what makes you happy, do what Universe is forcing you to, and do what you will get paid for. If you find all of these things in a single item, go for it. It could be anything, do not let people judge you and affect your actions anywhere doing the process. Just follow your heart and give yourself to it. Secondly, follow the path of people who have mastered it. Last but not least, for sure, read books on the Law of Attraction. It helps you on a mental level and brings you a step closer to your dreams.

After submitting your first draft to the Publishers, you may face Rejections (though CA students are immune to it), do not let it dishearten you or take it upon your ego. It is just a part of the process. Some of the best books like Harry Potter got rejected at first several times. One can always go for Self-publishing the book and advertise that on your own.

Ending thoughts- Write because you love to, write because you want to let everything out, write your heart out, as true as it can be, give some time to it daily. Hoping, you, the reader, will write at least a page after this or write feedback on our book and send it to us.

Read this before you Dropout!

Nowadays, people are too concerned about getting highly educated; chasing passion is the most neglected part. We are raised in the context that securing better grades helps to approach the pinnacle of a brilliant career. Many dropouts have proved that a piece of paper from university is not essential to live the dream, but hard work and going the extra mile are vital to success. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Mukesh Ambani, Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar, Henry Ford, Mary Kom, Akshay Kumar and many more shining stars are rays of inspiration that success is not only achieved through academic degrees.

Have you forgotten the ‘Real You’ for CA? Do you remember when you used to paint or dance or swim or cook or used to do anything that made you happy? So rather than getting into the flashback, please make an effort to live it again. If CA does not excite you anymore, then why do it? Instead, find the ‘Real You’ and grow with no regret. Today social media and various other platforms play a vital role in encouraging creativity that acts as a facilitator to be successful. Hear the intuition of what is best and prove it to be true. We all know that most of us cannot decide what is best for us after 10+2, but it is okay to be late than never as everyone has a unique thing in them that sets them apart from the crowd, so rediscover yourself better. Take time to understand yourself and do not pressurize your ability for someone else’s dream. Be active in identifying and realizing it; the pursuit of never letting it go will produce an unheard-of result. 

Gone are the days when career meant only to be an Engineer or Doctor or CA… In recent times, vocational training is also encouraged, and too many institutes in India offer an “n” number of courses to make your dream come true. Being enthusiastic with passion will surely convince parents and family and help win their support if one can justify the decision. One can be a Blogger, a Businessman, a Social Influencer, an Artist, and whatnot, but motivation alone will never take to the final line; it is the ability to cope with the motive and be determined throughout the journey. See where the world is evolving and use this opportunity to succeed. Moreover, never think that doing CA was a waste of time, as it will always help in some way, be it in understanding business more, be it in managing accounts, or build up concentration level. Failures are always learning; take them positively.

Do not quit because life has become discontented after taking the CA course, but leave it if better opportunities are waiting, and there is a clear vision that dropping out decisions will cheer and make you happy. Therefore, dropping CA will not be the end but a start altogether of a different journey with no looking back.

“When Life gives you lemons, make a Lemonade.”-Dale Carnegie

CA in the Role of a Teacher

Career choice is considered as the major area of concern after qualifying CA. Teaching as a profession is about inspiring and motivating students to realize and exceed their potentials. The wealthiest reward for teaching is the growth and development of students. Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning.


The idea about teaching comes to a person at a point of life that motivates one to go further into this field. The deep and broad understanding of the subject matter coupled with passion and commitment is critical to boosting an entry for this career path. In anticipation, one should focus on inculcating distinct characteristics. 


For instance, with online teaching, releasing part of the lectures only after clearing a test or some task, thereupon motivating students to study more and subsidizes the drawback of not taking things for granted as commonly experienced in offline teaching. 


One’s teaching skill should be excellent; other things like audio or video quality one learns over time. The primary purpose is to make students understand the concept and topic, making money the secondary objective. Thus, monetary goals are introduced only after the principal achievements. 


Teaching is a profession with everyday challenges. Adherence to commitments, regular updates about the subject taught, patience level for repetitive answering the same questions can be nerve taxing and challenging that may hamper goodwill in the long run. Further, while deciding upon a subject, SWOT analysis ensures one’s interest and grip on that particular subject, which can be explained to a student in the best manner as per their strengths. The average gestation period to build a strong base in this profession may take around a year. To form a coherent foundation, one needs to pull out all the swords during this period, and the results will surely start to pay off.


While deciding upon the fact whether to start on his own or get associated with a brand, one should keep in mind that through a brand, it becomes effortless to get students initially, thereby compromising independence. Associating with the brand binds to schedule classes, making notes and books according to their inputs, whereas self-starting gives the confidence to do everything as aspired and get to learn with every move. One should not bother about building a great setup and incurring huge costs at the very beginning. Start with whatever one has and launch at the earliest opportunity; subsequently, popularity and learning shape things automatically. Though the struggle is indeed more, the results are fruitful.

Education has joined hands with technology, with a shift from abstractions in textbooks to learning by the pictorial presentation that helps grasp the subject’s essence. As online is the new school, the paradigm shift from offline to online is the ‘students connect’ as they tend to be attracted to the teacher who responds to their queries during and after the classes. 


There is no blueprint for entry in this industry as students tend to be influenced by the mentor’s teaching skills, attitude, and study material, which helps gain substantial market share. Entering this industry will be a difficult task as every subject will have a teacher who has vast experience holding most of the market share, but having a unique ability to make students love it will leverage entry into this industry. Thus, the teaching field will be lucrative in the long run. 


Think 100 times before you start your journey, but when you do, there should be no space left for thinking and “Just do It.”

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” ― Clay P. Bedford

Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn is a powerful professional platform being the biggest business-to-business networking in the world. Having a LinkedIn profile helps one manage his professional brand, create opportunities, build a network, and track his professional milestones. Recruiters will spend just a few seconds to make a quick judgment about your profile, so always have the best visibility to let the recruiter know which bucket you want to get in.


The first step while creating a Linkedin Profile is to choose the right ‘profile picture.‘ A profile picture is a calling card on Linkedin.  So, one must ensure to have a recent professional photo as his profile picture on this platform. “LinkedIn is a professional site—it’s not a personal site like Facebook. That being said, make sure your LinkedIn profile picture portrays you in a professional manner. You probably won’t have the same profile image as you do on Facebook.”–Jamie Shanks.


The brain processes visuals faster, so ‘background photo‘ resembling your professional path plays a crucial part. Therefore, the background photo at the top of the profile page is the second visual element that will grab people’s attention and show a little more about what matters to you. 


Next is the ‘LinkedIn headline’; that is one of the visible sections of your profile. Ensure your profile has a targeted headline to make people look into it and appear in LinkedIn searches. The headline should be more than a job title that clearly states the career focus and includes keywords or buzzwords because this influences how you appear in search results. It should be specific to what the recruiters and hiring managers should look for, including the company name + keywords + zing factor.


|| Sample headlines:

    Dedicated to helping Phoenix-based small businesses with their taxes and bookkeeping

    Senior Audit and Compliance Manager at | 5+ Years in Auditing |

    Aspiring Chartered Accountant | Grad. Student at XYZ University |

    Seeking Financial Analyst opportunity ||


The next relevant section is the ‘Summary section‘ that briefly discusses who you are as a professional. One must not just use this section to list skills or job titles but instead communicate why those skills matter and the difference they can make to the prospective employer. It is the best way to portray your personality, thereby maintaining the decorum and professionalism. It is the most personal piece of content marketing, and it is worth the effort.


Merely creating a better profile as per steps above will not help; one has to grow its network. Synchronizing your profile with an email address book enables LinkedIn to suggest people you could connect with, which helps increase the network. One way to expand the network is to join groups by searching for the topics you are interested in. Networking is a professional journey together, the stronger your network is, the further you can go. A pro-tip to connect with others would be to write a persuasive message along with the connection request.


Linkedin being the most career-oriented platform mentioning the relevant skills from the list is one of the quickest of quick wins on LinkedIn. Listing your skills in the ‘Skills and Endorsement’ section will let the recruiters know what you are qualified to do, enhancing the chance of being contacted by the prospective employer. In this section, you can list your skills, and other LinkedIn users can endorse you for those skills i.e., the user confirms that you have that skill. One must ask his connections, colleagues to endorse their skills. 


Adding various certificates on Linkedin is an excellent way to showcase one’s knowledge and professional achievements to their networks. It also helps grow connections as LinkedIn recommends your profile to other users if you have things in common. LinkedIn also provides Certification Learning to enhance your skills.


Connecting or Following relevant influencers and your dream employers on LinkedIn helps in getting an informed opinion as per their area of expertise, thereby indirectly shaping your career path. You can then share with others that add value. Following various companies and creating a job alert can give updates about job openingsand recently posted jobs. Make yourself seen by commenting on news in the company’s activity stream, demonstrating one’s passion for what they do.


Active participation on LinkedIn is the best way to say, ‘Look at me!’ without saying, ‘Look at me!’― Bobby Darnell

Fitness Freak

Who doesn’t want to be fit? Every individual dream of staying healthy because ‘Health is Wealth.’ The thought of entering the fitness industry often revolves around those who are inclined towards it.  Passion and a healthy lifestyle are crucial to reflect the same in others. If one has a strong desire to help others achieve their health and fitness goals and teach them, it is time to consider this as a career.

One always dreams of being good at studies and simultaneously manages to stay fit. Exercising makes not only the brain ready to learn but also retain information longer. It also helps to improve our mental health and act as a defence against various issues such as stress, anxiety, peer pressures, and many others. With the growing stress in the student and professional phase, the workout can play a crucial role in leading a healthy life.  Crafting the schedule and following it will help in achieving the fitness goals along with the other chores. 

Something is always better than nothing, and so starting with 15-20 minutes will eventually help to stick to the commitment of staying healthy. Wherever you are in the world, Whatever space you have, whenever you like, one can start with bodyweight workouts like high knees, squat jumps, double lunge jump, gorilla burpee, and few others to lift your heart rate. To turn goals to reality, bring the action to your intentions, but what is more important is consistency and dedication- the only Supplement you need. To start this journey, one should begin with fundamental things: proper sleep, managing with eating, drinking, and exercising.

Before switching to a different domain, it is essential to do a bit of introspection as shifting to other fields carries risks and opportunities. Rationally, switching is not a smooth process; but being consistent and passionate during the transition period of a year or two is the requirement to reach higher. One also needs to manage the herd of people; however, sheer determination to build the pathway motivates one to keep going and achieve big.  The shift from CA to fitness will create leverage in focusing on your goals, building a healthy client relationship, maintaining records and preparing reports, handling the financials, and a lot more. Thereby helps one to find a niche with some aspects in the fitness industry with the paradigm shift.

This industry’s primary goal is to inspire a healthy lifestyle and stand as an example to motivate and be an enthusiast in the field. To lead by example, one should undergo various training programs to master the training techniques and get well aware of the facts. One should get certification courses from recognized associations to gain better knowledge about nutrition, strength, and how the body works to bring the same in practice and training. 

To kickstart the entry into this industry, one needs to possess diverse knowledge about designing the exercise program that will require an understanding of what goals the client wants to achieve. Thus, there is nothing better than investing the time in doing that thing you are passionate about.

Forensic Audit

Individuals who have a keen lens and even five senses activated dozens of times; Forensic Audit is the field for them. Forensic accountants’ roles go beyond looking after the financial statements, including investigation, collecting evidence, and reports writing that is presentable in the court. Thus, a healthy Scepticism is the professional necessity of this industry. 


Regardless of the type and size, organizations are always prone to fraud. Taking the insurance covers to prevent financial losses won’t help in gaining the organization’s reputation back. As soon as a corporate scandal is detected, the organization or its lawyers hire forensic accountants to collect facts and figures. Based on these shreds of evidence, the court gives the final judgment. As ACP Pradhyuman in CID says, “Daya kuch toh gadbad hai, puri chhaan bin karo” is somewhat the same in a forensic audit. Auditors gather evidence and the accounting records, ensure their integrity by using various forensic tools on the client’s server, investigate all those things, and present the findings for legal action.


Organizations may often face the Cyber Security risk as the ‘work from home’ concept leads to high risk for the organization’s critical data. The organizations are aware that due to Covid-19 situations, their performances will not be that healthy; thus, they may manipulate proper books of accounts in such a way that they will get the required corporate funding. These situations usually surface after the crises and make organizations prone to fraud detection in the later years. Thus, the Covid-19 time is a breeding environment for fraud, whether it be corporate fraud or personal fraud.


Freshers who intend to enter forensic audit with zero experience should attend seminars related to fraud prevention and detection to enhance their knowledge base. They should study the various frauds happening and develop a reactive thinking approach. One can even start the forensic accounting journey in smaller firms if he has to and learn as much possible. Various Forensic Accounting Degree Programs offered by the different Institutes in India and abroad can help to get an idea of detecting frauds. Courses such as Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) course from ACFE (most recognized), Certificate course on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection from ICAI are a cherry on the cake to best fit for high packages.


Aspiring CA interested in Forensic Audit must develop their mindset like a fraudster as the fraudsters are always one step ahead and careful in the ways to escape smoothly. As every case is different, one needs to get off the track and think wisely every time to crack the case; thus, this domain eliminates the monotonous work. Much patience is required in this department, as one may have to analyze piles of data files to get through a single solution. For instance, look after thousands of emails to get just one email needed. Any previous experience in forensics will always be an add-on point in the interview. It would help if you are passionate and not only fascinated by this field for sure.


ICAI Campus Placement Programme

After one has qualified CA-Final, ICAI provides an opportunity for young professional aspirants through the ‘ICAI Campus Placement Programme’ to explore the possibility of taking up positions in the industry. Thus, it is an opportunity for job seekers and employing organizations for mutual benefits.


ICAI Campus Placement program does not give a cent percent guarantee of being selected by the company. However, it is a chance to evaluate skills and see where one stands amongst peers. There is fierce competition to grab the best job there, and even if one does not land up having a job in the end, it will be a learning and boost-up confidence for further job search.


Having a good articleship experience adds to your probability of being shortlisted by the company. Mentioning the articleship experience and the major companies and industry assignments handled will act as facilitators for selecting the candidate. Also, briefing about achievements in academics, any additional learning, online certification courses, volunteering activities, projects, and extra-curricular activities will help catch potential companies’ eyes.


The candidate can apply for all the companies, and the companies that shortlist them for Interviews are communicated over the candidates’ login. The shortlisting status is made available to the candidates by various companies, The candidates are free to choose the maximum of four companies of their choice and consent to attend those interviews on the specified date(s). One needs to make a wise choice according to the preferred industry among the shortlisted and other preferences (expected annual salary, area of work, and preferred city/ region) to get a dream job. One should try to attend an Interview of all the companies for which they had consented. 

Also, there is a difficult choice when selecting the centre for the campus placement program because not all companies visit all the placement centres. One must make a proper analysis of the past trends as per the preferences and other factors to make a rational decision.


It is not a smart move to wholly depend upon the ICAI Campus Placement Programme for getting the job. One must even take steps to get a job Off-Campus from various alternatives available. Therefore, if one wants to work in a particular company and does not get shortlisted, GURU MANTRA is to apply through the company’s career portal and ask a friend/senior, if any, working in that industry to refer to your resume. One must never let go of any opportunity to try going for WALK-IN interviews if given a chance to get selected. Thus, it is right to say, ‘Don’t wait for the right opportunity rather create it.’


The only goal you can’t accomplish is the one that you don’t go after! So, one should chase his dream job and leave no stone unturned to get the one.


In recent times, ICAI has also started the Campus Placement Programme for CA Inter/IPCC/PE-II and Overseas Campus Placement Programme.

Résumé Building

Résumé Building

Capture the attention of Interviewer

As things stand at the moment, competition is fierce; one needs to analyze and accordingly devise strategies for favourable outcomes. This is where résumé is the first step to fight tooth and nail to help reach the prospective employer. Résumé though one page, can speak skillsets, background, and unique selling proposition commonly referred to as USP, thereby giving an advantageous position to be selected for the job process. So, one needs to be cautious while drafting a résumé for a piece of work.

Writing an impressive professional headline about yourself is vital in addressing the recruiter, as a consequence letting individuals stand out from the competitors. It should be a short (two or three lines) summary aligning the career objective and academics with the job description.

Sample headline:

|| Chartered Accountant, exceptional working knowledge in taxation, auditing, and banking industry. Possess excellent communication skills and technical knowledge that can ensure smooth operations in any organization ||

The first thing an employer can be enticed by is the career objective. An innovative career objective can quickly reflect the personality and strengths of the candidate. Freshers in the profession should utilize the power of their degree as it can be an asset to make an impression. This section should brief the professional intent clearly and concisely. The résumé drafted should present the candidate as an asset and the best choice for the company.

Most Fortune 500 companies and a growing number of small and mid-sized businesses filter résumé through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) before someone takes a look. Therefore, the best way to optimize résumé is to include clear and crisp keywords considering the skills or abilities a recruiter looks for in a candidate that can help beat the ATS. Instead of using the cluster of keywords in a single paragraph, one should concentrate them throughout.

While writing résumé for freshers looking for the first job, highlighting achievements plays a crucial role. Since freshers have no work experience, one can brief accomplishments in academics, projects, and extracurricular activities. Mentioning internship, awards, and volunteering activities also adds value to résumé, and one should be particular about work experience. Easy to read and understand, bullets to present vital information, proofreading for grammatical or typo errors, and avoiding flattery words and personal information like height, weight, religion help make résumé legible.

A candidate having an employment gap between the internship and applying for a job should update with the new concepts and latest updates. One should mention experience from activities proactively performed during this period, may it be freelancing, volunteering, pursuing further education, and customize answers based on the situation as to how the time was spent. Being honest is the pro tip to avoid getting into unnecessary detail.

Exclusions in a résumé are as vital as inclusions. With the technology revolution, telephonic and video interviews are a usual, reference to the LinkedIn profile will act as an add-on to the résumé.

Résumé should sync with one’s personality. Proper alignment, font type, and size are the key ingredients to make your resume presentable. Therefore, writing a perfect résumé with the right format helps in portraying the story who you are. 

Finally, when you send a résumé to a catch-all email address such as, your résumé and cover letter are entering a sea of similar emails from other job seekers fighting for the same position as you. Find the name of the person who will be reading your résumé and personalize your email with that information. Sending a resume is much more compelling when you use Dear Radhika instead of To Whom It May Concern.

These résumé writing tips will help create an impeccable job résumé and step up your game even in times of surge in job applications. Making the first impression as the last impression will now be a cup of tea.

Why Risk Management is important in Today’s World

 The year 2020 will go down as a year to remember not only because of Covid-19 but also because of the high number of uncertainties and disasters that we faced during the year, from locust infestation to many industrial accidents and cyclones hit throughout the year. All of this has only highlighted the volatility of today’s world.


When the Indian government initiated the lockdown from March 2020, the GDP took a sharp hit, and business activities came to a complete halt.  The government permitted movement of only necessary goods; hence, modern business practices like globalization and just-in-time inventory created risks of their own. Businesses could never predict such a situation, and they were faced with many new problems while performing day-to-day operations.


Can you be sure that 2021 is going to be better than in 2020?

The world is changing, but the pace of change today is far more incredible than it was yesterday. So the uncertainty and volatility are only going to increase. No individual or organization can predict the specific risks that one can face in the future. But, we still need to prepare for an uncertain and volatile future, including climate change, technological disruptions, geopolitical risks, threats to the global supply chain, and issues related to cyber-crime, data protection, and privacy.


This is where Risk Management comes into play. The top management must be pro-active and establish well-defined directions to clarify how to act when these challenges arise. Organizations need to move at a rapid pace to deal with the risks, as and when they appear, this is not possible if risk management is taking place just at the back office to meet with the statutory standards.


The saying “Higher the risk, higher the return”, may not be right in the current scenario. High risk does not always assure you higher returns, whereas not taking risks is not an option for a business. “Risk is a choice rather than fate”. Risk management is about avoiding or mitigating risks and losses and identifying opportunities that fit into the risk appetite of an organization. 


Organizations are still recovering from the pandemic’s effects, but most of them are beginning to plan for whatever business as usual will look like moving forward. Risk management may not spot the next big disruptive event, but it can help us be prepared with an effective response to whatever waits for us.