CA Teaching Future CA’s

Career choice is considered as the major area of concern after qualifying CA. Teaching as a profession is about inspiring and motivating students to realize and exceed their potentials. The wealthiest reward for teaching is the growth and development of students. Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning.


The idea about teaching comes to a person at a point of life that motivates one to go further into this field. The deep and broad understanding of the subject matter coupled with passion and commitment is critical to boosting an entry for this career path. In anticipation, one should focus on inculcating distinct characteristics. 


For instance, with online teaching, releasing part of the lectures only after clearing a test or some task, thereupon motivating students to study more and subsidizes the drawback of not taking things for granted as commonly experienced in offline teaching. 


One’s teaching skill should be excellent; other things like audio or video quality one learns over time. The primary purpose is to make students understand the concept and topic, making money the secondary objective. Thus, monetary goals are introduced only after the principal achievements. 


Teaching is a profession with everyday challenges. Adherence to commitments, regular updates about the subject taught, patience level for repetitive answering the same questions can be nerve taxing and challenging that may hamper goodwill in the long run. Further, while deciding upon a subject, SWOT analysis ensures one’s interest and grip on that particular subject, which can be explained to a student in the best manner as per their strengths. The average gestation period to build a strong base in this profession may take around a year. To form a coherent foundation, one needs to pull out all the swords during this period, and the results will surely start to pay off.


While deciding upon the fact whether to start on his own or get associated with a brand, one should keep in mind that through a brand, it becomes effortless to get students initially, thereby compromising independence. Associating with the brand binds to schedule classes, making notes and books according to their inputs, whereas self-starting gives the confidence to do everything as aspired and get to learn with every move. One should not bother about building a great setup and incurring huge costs at the very beginning. Start with whatever one has and launch at the earliest opportunity; subsequently, popularity and learning shape things automatically. Though the struggle is indeed more, the results are fruitful.

Education has joined hands with technology, with a shift from abstractions in textbooks to learning by the pictorial presentation that helps grasp the subject’s essence. As online is the new school, the paradigm shift from offline to online is the ‘students connect’ as they tend to be attracted to the teacher who responds to their queries during and after the classes. 


There is no blueprint for entry in this industry as students tend to be influenced by the mentor’s teaching skills, attitude, and study material, which helps gain substantial market share. Entering this industry will be a difficult task as every subject will have a teacher who has vast experience holding most of the market share, but having a unique ability to make students love it will leverage entry into this industry. Thus, the teaching field will be lucrative in the long run. 


Think 100 times before you start your journey, but when you do, there should be no space left for thinking and “Just do It.”

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” ― Clay P. Bedford