CA as an Author

Writing is liberation; writing is expressing; writing helps you breathe better. Words coming out of your brain and forming sentences in a piece of paper enable you to forget the greatest of your demons wandering in your mind inside and relieves you of all that pain and the burden.

The habit of reading is everywhere propagated and encouraged but the why is present at some places only. It helps as a Mood booster, clearing the confusion, making decisions, and knowing about uninformed topics.

When wanting to get a better perspective or while making a decision, we often look onto our seniors or parents. During this whole process, one must always keep one thing in mind that whatever they may be suggesting, they will discuss what, according to them, is right, but you have to follow the tracks of whom you want to follow or like whom you want your personality to build like. You always have to surround yourself with people who help you, directly or indirectly, in becoming what you want to be and not against it. Rightly said- ‘You are the average of 5 people you surround yourself with.’

While writing a book, one should not shy upon pouring the words coming right from your heart. It is a formula that NEVER FAILS. Also, just letting it out, be it frustration, anger, confusion, pain, heartbreak, dilemmas, regrets, etc., it will not make you feel lighter but also will touch upon the hearts of the readers because ‘We are all connected by a single thread.’ By sharing, we get stronger and better. Further, Create Content Everywhere like YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn. That is how you will build your popularity and generate an audience for your content, which will generally become the customer base of your book.  Write about what you like and not what people are looking for.

Focus strategy– Intermittent fasting or extended breaks from “INTERNET” is the first step to start something new. It keeps away the distractions, helps you think creatively and helps you perform in your best version. Finding your comfort zone is essential. Do not blindly follow others’ advice but find your own in which you are most comfortable and able to bring out the maximum output, one can be an Early Bird, or someone else can be a Night Owl. There is no competition in them, and no one is better or worse than the other.

While writing the book, give yourself time-bounded targets/deadlines to complete a specific chunk of pages to keep you motivated and keep you on the line. While choosing words, always go for Easier words, and more people will be able to grasp your meanings, and also, they will have to make minimal efforts to get the definite sense out of it as the same you wish to convey.

While leaving your work domain and entering into a completely different field, the transition might come with a few speed breakers, which may slow down your speed but should, in no case, stop you from going towards the destination. People around you will always have something or the other to say, and it is your duty towards yourself to numb all those noises and trust yourself. You are the only person going to be with you since your birth and till the last day of yours. Other ones are going to change, fortunately, or unfortunately. Our parents may have their reservations because of their own life experiences Still, if you are passionate about your career and show it in your actions, sooner or later, they shall understand your viewpoint.

Firstly, find your IKIGAI, do what makes you happy, do what Universe is forcing you to, and do what you will get paid for. If you find all of these things in a single item, go for it. It could be anything, do not let people judge you and affect your actions anywhere doing the process. Just follow your heart and give yourself to it. Secondly, follow the path of people who have mastered it. Last but not least, for sure, read books on the Law of Attraction. It helps you on a mental level and brings you a step closer to your dreams.

After submitting your first draft to the Publishers, you may face Rejections (though CA students are immune to it), do not let it dishearten you or take it upon your ego. It is just a part of the process. Some of the best books like Harry Potter got rejected at first several times. One can always go for Self-publishing the book and advertise that on your own.

Ending thoughts- Write because you love to, write because you want to let everything out, write your heart out, as true as it can be, give some time to it daily. Hoping, you, the reader, will write at least a page after this or write feedback on our book and send it to us.